Shade Products


Shade structures, umbrellas, fittings, edging and fabrics


At Stingray Shade & Vinyl, we measure, design and manufacture shade sails at our local Garbutt workshop. Our tradesmen listen to your needs and give expert recommendations for unique, functional and distinctive designs for your home, commercial building or outdoor area. Contact us today for a competitively priced quote.


Structures are available in hip roof style, which is purchased in kit form from a reputable Australian manufacturer. We also build coverings for existing structures. Additionally, we can assist you or your engineer to custom-make and install the fabric sections for your own project.


Umbrellas are available to purchase through a catalogue—available in a range of colours in both cantilever and centre post styles. Our tradesmen are also able to re-skin your existing umbrella frame. We offer powder coated aluminium frames and posts, stainless steel fittings and acrylic canvas or shade cloth fabrics for all restorations.

Fittings & Edging

Motor Trimming — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD
Fittings & Edging play a vital part in any shade product. For most applications we use quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel in turn buckles, shackles and wire rope. Using stainless steel provides an aesthetically pleasing and non-corrosive finish, which complement all buildings. We also use galvanised fittings and nylon ropes for budget-conscious projects.

We offer two types of edging on shades. Benefit from a lighter, easier installation and cost-effective option with a 50mm seat belt webbing edge. Whereas stainless steel wire edging produces a smaller scallop, allowing more shade and a higher centre tension, to eliminate the bellying effect seen in flat sails.


Shade Sail — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD
Cloth fabrics offer a different shade protection percentage depending on their colour. Generally, the darker cloths having the higher protection. Sails can not only be produced from shade cloth fabrics, but also a waterproof shade cloth and vinyl—providing the fall of the sail is of an adequate angle.

When choosing the fabric for your sail, you should always consider the surrounding building's colour but also the shade protection percentage required. Using a darker fabric will give the illusion of a cleaner shade, whereas the lighter fabrics allow a greater light exposure to the area.

All of our products are stitched with quality UV treated polyester threads, which are available in a wide range of colours to suit any fabric.