Cleaning Tips


Helpful hints to correctly clean and store your shade sail


Shade sails require careful cleaning and storage requirements. We've compiled a comprehensive breakdown of cleaning and storage tips as well as some environmental factors to consider. To find out more or arrange a quote, get in contact with us today.


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We do not recommend cleaning your shade sail with bleach or mould removal products. Acid washing, or using a high-pressure hose, will damage the fabric and the coating. The use of any processes, other than those recommended, may void the warranty and greatly reduce the lifespan of the shade fabric.

Should these cleaning methods prove to be unsuccessful, we suggest the shade sail be taken down and cleaned by our professional team. Our cleaning process includes sail removal, cleaning and inspection of the shade and attachment points, as well as re-installation. Always use a soft brush or sponge to prevent damage to the fabric and the coating. Use this table to determine the product concentration and water dilution levels.

Environmental Factors

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Although professionally made shade sails are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements in Australia, regular maintenance and attention to high wind warnings must always be considered. Living in Townsville can, at times, pose severe weather threats. Removing your shade sails prior to strong wind warnings and cyclones is absolutely necessary.

Taking down your shade sail during winter is not necessary but has some valuable advantages depending on the design of your property. Doing so can extend your sail's life by restricting UV exposure to the cloth and thread. Allowing heat onto walls and into windows reduces winter heating costs and prevents severe moss, mould and lichen build-up in sheltered areas over winter.

Many sails need re-stitching after 3–7 years. Even UV-treated, heavy-duty polyester thread can break down in the harsh North Queensland sun. This is a simple and worthwhile service, which ensures a longer-lasting product.

Sails, particularly in public areas, are also prone to cigarette burns or other types of vandalism. Depending on the damage, patches or adjustments can be made in substitution of a complete shade replacement. At Stingray Shade & Vinyl, we offer replacement posts and fittings.


If you decide to remove your shade sail, it is vital to store it correctly in order to maximise the life of the fabric. After being cleaned and dried thoroughly, fold all corners in towards the centre of the shade and then maintain a neat fold when halving each end in to the centre again. Once a long neat strip has been formed, then fold again along the width into a manageable size. The shade must be kept dry and safe from rodents for the duration of this period.