Motor Trimming Products


Motor trimming in Garbutt for cars, boats and bikes


From head linings to carpets and everything in between, at Stingray Shade & Vinyl, we offer a range motor trimming services for cars, bikes and boats. There's a variety of areas motor trimming can cover, create or adjust to improve the lifespan of any small or large machinery / object. We offer a personal consultation to design and produce a product that works effectively to suit your needs. Call or email us to get a quote from our team.


  • Head linings
  • Door trims
  • Dashboards
  • Consoles
  • Steering wheels
  • Gear sticks
  • Carpets
  • Speaker systems
  • Ute canopies
  • Tonneau covers Rubber tray flooring
Car Trimming — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD


  • Biminis
  • Spray curtains
  • Cushions
  • Marine carpets / flooring
  • Bow rider covers
  • Clears
  • Side / head linings
  • Motor covers
  • Travel covers Storage covers
Boat Trimming — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD


  • Custom-shaped & individually fitted seats
  • Fuel tank protection Saddle bag repairs


  • Small electronic devices—onsite navigation / surveying equipment
  • Generators
  • Recreational sports equipment—surf skis & swags Rotary / collapsible clothes lines

Other products

  • Trims for camper trailers
  • Car-top storage
  • Swags
  • Gear bags
  • Pig dog collars
  • Disability assisting / transporting / rehabilitation products
  • Vinyl tarps Load covers

Trimming Maintenance

Maintaining a clean surface on any trim products is vital to the appearance and lifespan of the fabric. We offer advice and products for maintaining and protecting your trim work. Reducing time spent under direct sunlight will also help to prolong the life of any fabrics and stitching.

Trimming Repairs

Trim repairs are usually assessed individually and addressed per damaged panel. Get in touch with our engineers to arrange a repair service.