If you are looking for an innovative, attractive and efficient way to extend your outdoor living area, a customised shade sail is the ideal solution for any Townsville home. Our range of shades and motor trimming products—for cars, boats and bikes—is extensive and available in a range of design and colour alterations.
A well-designed shade sail can improve your home's value with an updated and contemporary appearance. Conversely, shade products perfectly complement traditional heritage buildings. Our products come in a large range of colours and styles. Contact us today to arrange a quote. We're based in Garbutt and service greater North Queensland.
Personalized Vinyl Cover — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD
Our innovative shade sail designs are a functional addition to any home, commercial building or outdoor area.
Vinyl Cover — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD
We offer a selection of creative vehicle design ideas including head linings, carpets and covers.
Boat Cover — Shade sails in Garbutt, QLD
Keep the interior and exterior of your boat protected from the elements with storage covers, spray curtains, biminis and more.